Our programmes

By composing our programmes we have observed the requirements of the similar programmes, and the natural, cultural facilities of the surroundings of our ranch. Our basic programme is the traditional "pusta" programme, which can be formed according to the arrival of the group. Special and in Hungary a unique ability, that Révbérpusta can be also approached direct on the Danube by small pleasure ships or by great river cruisers. Besides we have composed other, special programmes, which could exhibit in more details the life and the culture of the contemporary Cuman people.

The order of the programmes is based on the practice and experience of many years. Of course the elements could be replaced, or mixed with other programmes. On demand we can organise other unique programmes according to our possibilities.

For groups
only after booking in advance
(Between 1. Mai and 30. September a group contains at least 10 people, otherwise a group contains at least 30 people.)

Wine tasting at the "Cellar hill" of Solt


For individuals